Sunday Cleanup

Thanks, Ian, for getting this set up!!
We had a great gardening day on Saturday.  A lot of people with a lot of energy!  The potato bed is ready for planting as soon as it gets a bit warmer.  Some people have planted peas already and we’re waiting for the first sprouts.

Sandy has agreed to collect fees so anyone who hasn’t paid can connect with her – $5 for a small garden and $10 for a large one.  There is still room for more people so if you know of anyone who wants to join, connect them with me or with Bob and Sandy.


Here’s to a veggie-filled summer!
Hi All
Can we get together some time soon and get organized?  We could use a
bit of greenhouse cleanup and maybe chat about what we want to be doing
this next year.  And new people can find a space that suits them.
What would work for everyone?  Would this Sunday be OK … Say 1:00 or
2:00?  I’m assuming weekend would be better than a weekday?
I might also be around on Saturday afternoon but I’m not sure.

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