Bee Creek

A bit off topic but I thought you might be interested … On Wednesday at noon and Thursday at 10 am,  Beth Mitchell will be conducting fish surveys in Bee Creek.  Beth and other volunteers have been tracking the fish populations in Bee Creek for many years now.  We’ll meet at the garden on Wednesday (May 30) at noon to put the traps in the creek.  The traps are left in place for no more than 24 hours.  On Thursday we’ll meet at 10 am, again at the garden  and check what we have.

Conifer needles

Hi Gardeners!

If you can’t wait for your garden to grow, try some foraging!  The conifer needles are still fresh and ready for picking.  Here is a link to an article to get you started on cooking with conifers! Just remember the rule of thirds when foraging – 1/3 for you, 1/3 leave for wildlife, 1/3 leave for the plant.

Conifer needles