Potato planting

Saturday was a great day for planting the potatoes!  Thanks to Naomi for supplying the potatoes and supervising the planting.  I was going to get some photos but of course I was too busy!  So the photo is of Saturday after planting.  As you see, a lot is happening and things are growing with the onset of the warm weather!

Also with the warm weather comes the problem of watering.  Generally, we are all responsible to water our own boxes.  Some people are happy to do watering for others if they see it needs it but its best not to count on that unless you’ve made arrangements.  If you’re going to be away and would like to make sure that someone will be taking care of your box, it would be best to make that arrangement with someone.  Does that sound OK? … Am I rambling? … Any questions?

See you in the garden!


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