This Sunday, Oct. 28 from 1-4 pm Harvest/Clean-up Get Together in the Community Garden

Time to put the garden plots to bed for the winter.  Garden waste (not weeds) in the compost bins.  Weeds in the bags provided please.  The weeds don’t cook enough in our compost bins to prevent them coming back next year. Also, any surplus unripe tomatoes in the weed bins also please.  Too many rogue tomatoes came up this past year.

If possible, please cut up your garden waste as they go into the compost bins; they compost much faster that way.  Also, during the clean-up, please dig out the weeds surrounding your plot and dispose of in the bags provided.  Any additional weeding of the common plots (potatoes, squash, etc) is much appreciated.

Judy has requested that Michele Hebert take over the allotment of the garden plots for next year.  Please let Michele or Ian know if you want your same plot next year or wish to opt out of the community garden altogether.  With the Phase II residents coming in next year, plots will be in short supply.

We don’t know how much longer the Community Garden, as it now exists, will be available to us, but wish to keep it clean from weeds hence the request to contain the weeds as much as possible even though it may involve a bit more effort from everyone.  Thanks for your efforts and your patience.

If you have any questions, suggestions or comments, please contact Michele at  Thank you.