Frogs and salamanders

I went to a great workshop that was all about creating good habitat for amphibians.  It was put on by Habitat Acquisition Trust – a great source of information about local ecosystems.  In this region we have four native frog species and six salamander species.  At Pacific Landing, we can hear the Pacific Chorus frog quite often.  We might also have Northern Red-legged frogs but they are not as noisy so its harder to tell!  We have also had a population of Roughskin newts and we have seen a few that have survived the development so far.  What can we do to make prime habitat for frogs and salamanders?  Amphibians, like the rest of us, need food, clean water, and safe shelter.   The HAT website has some excellent info about amphibian habitat.  Check it out here:  .  We have some great amphibian habitat but if you have ideas to make it better, lets talk.   I would love to hear about it!

One thought on “Frogs and salamanders

  1. Cool! What is best for the survival of frogs and salamanders is certainly also best in the long run for we humans! Thanks Judy for continuing to share with us!!

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