Perfect Garden

A perfect community garden needs a greenhouse. It will support growing in the winter, starting seeds in the spring and provide a social center to share ideas.

BC Greenhouses builds and installs this model, which might meet our needs when our garden moves in the fall. Thoughts are welcome! Is is big enough for example? (it’s 16 x 12 even though it looks smaller)

9 thoughts on “Perfect Garden

      1. That would be a good size, from the looks of it. A space to store the garden tools year round, and to start seedlings in the spring. We will have to take into account space for the Tiki Bar too in the new garden space. Exciting!

  1. It would be nice to have a spot to hold tender perennials over the winter, maybe store the begonia tubers… and to start seedlings for the summer garden. And in cooler Victoria summer, we could even grow bell peppers and eggplants!! And cantaloupe!! Not to mention much larger yields of tomatoes…

    In winter we could grow ‘cold-frame’ type lettuces, mustard greens, arugula. yum!

    Not keen on having a greenhouse just to store tools when a much cheaper shed would do the trick … πŸ™‚

    1. I like your comment… fact you are right. The greenhouse shown here would be for growing, and we could order a separate shed for tools. Everyone could grow this coming winter:-)

      1. yes, a storage shed for tools would be perfect & the greenhouses for growing & overwintering things – some fresh food all winter – or most of it. How much leeway do we
        have in the final location of this garden?

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