Proposed Garden Site

The proposed new site for Havenwood Garden is the same size as the existing one (100×80), even if the garden is set back a bit from the road. Shown here just west of Phase 2, it has reasonable sun throughout the day. The aerial view shows the large shade tree in the south east corner of the new garden, perhaps a good home for the Tiki Bar.

6 thoughts on “Proposed Garden Site

  1. Very happy to hear it! Will we be able to transplant any of the beautiful herbs and berries growing in and around the existing garden? I’m happy to do so, if we’re allowed!

    1. Hayley
      I think this is possible, and it is likely that Patrick and Judy will know the answer to your good question. 🙂
      it’s just a proposal for now.
      btw, your pumpkin is making a recovery

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