Plan B – a positive option for Havenwood Garden?

Plan B involves an idea evoked from feedback on Pacific Landing’s idea of a plot adjacent to Phase Six. Plan B suggests that since Phase 4 will displace Havenwood Garden, that there is an opportunity to rebuild the garden nearby, by shifting it east.

What is seen here is phase 4 in orange, the current havenwood garden in green, plus a new garden in yellow. It is almost the same size. The bird sanctuary border is shown in blue and delineates the protected area which is roughly 100 meters from the lagoon edge.

From a garden point of view, it would have sufficient sun, a requirement for any community garden. Phase 4 residents would have easy access, plus if we look, the new garden can be expanded south as demand builds. It would certainly support the future of a community garden, a foundation of the concept of community building.

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