Historic Birdbath is back in the Garden

birdbathDave Morris had a good day today. Havenwood Garden (1920s) featured a birdbath which was transplanted when construction first began a few years ago.
Dave has long waited for the day when this piece of history could be reunited with the garden, albeit a temporary one. Along with a team on site today with Bill Beadle, the bird bath found its way back and in a way marked the beginning of a new chapter for Havenwood Garden.

Thank you Dave and Bill…..it was a good day.

3 thoughts on “Historic Birdbath is back in the Garden

  1. Daryl and Rod filled it with water and it leaked and upon closer inspection Rod concluded it had been a fountain.
    Anyway, they stopped up the hole with a wine cork so we will see if it holds water now.

  2. What a beautiful day and an awesome start to the new garden area! The new bird bath/fountain is awesome 🕊🦩

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