Wanted for Break and Enter (attempt)

Last week, during the night a report came out about a deer trying to batter down the main garden gate, in order to feast on…well almost everything. What the buck did not know is the the gate was built by Rod Bredin and his attempts brought him nothing but frustration.

Hopefully by now he will have got the message, but if you do see him, please remind him that Rod is working on installing security cameras and the local RCMP have been notified.

If he does eventually manage to get in one night, there will be little left to eat, so please check the gate when passing by!

New Havenwood Sign Takes Shape

Pat, who is well known for his painting ability was hard at work this week staining our new Havenwood sign. The sign located just outside the garden has an angled roof, will be fitted with a solar light, photo cell and battery, replaces the one that warped and fell apart recently.

Luckily for Pat, Sonya was on hand to take care of a minor cut.

The installation of the lights will be completed soon by Rod, Daryl and Cliff, when there will be a grand unveiling.