Havenwood Garden Hot Salsa

Havenwood Garden had a good season for tomatoes and with tomatoes comes salsa. What better way to spice up Havenwood Salsa than to add Havenwood Hot Peppers.
The salsa created by Annellies is really good and so she made a batch with the addition of a hot chili pepper. Other gardeners have tried a little pepper in their evening meal and they are mild enough to add a little edge, yet will not burn if used prudently. These are the small peppers, probably around the Jalapeno level..

The longer ones, around the Cayenne level haven’t yet been tested in the Havenwood Salsa, but I heard from an undisclosed source, that a pilot is in the works.

The salsa has been tested on fried eggs, a toasted bagel, fresh basil and fresh tomatoes and the feedback is impressive.

One thought on “Havenwood Garden Hot Salsa

  1. Love the way we can further enjoy our garden with this website!
    I have tomatillos still to use so will try some hot peppers when I use them. ♡ Annelies

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