Garden Lights

The newly installed garden lights are an incredible improvement to the garden.

Roughly 280 feet of solar powered lights were installed on top of the garden fence, along with 4.5 watt amorphous solar charging panels. Led by Rod, Daryl and Michael did the whole job so quickly it was difficult to notice, but at night there is no mistaking the beautiful effect the lights have.

The charging panels have the benefit of being able to charge on both sunny and overcast days. There is more to this than meets the eye, since they are remote controlled, so will shine when the “light keepers” press their remote buttons. The good news is that the remotes which use RF frequencies all use the same frequency for each of the eight sets of lights and solar panels, and the job to turn on and off the lights has been designated.

The next time you see the garden lights you can thank a Havenwood Garden Lightkeeper:-) Many thanks to Bill for sharing the cost and to Rod for leading this for Havenwood Gardeners.

4 thoughts on “Garden Lights

  1. They look really beautiful! Thank you so much Rod, Daryl and Michael for all your work on that and to any others who were involved!

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