Community Gardens


The Abkhazi Garden
The Abkhazi Garden is an exquisite heritage home and garden located in Victoria, British Columbia, a city known for its wonderful gardens.  Prince and Princess Abkhazi began creating their garden in 1946.

City of Colwood Community gardens 
The City of Colwood is supporting our local community to create a Community Garden on the City Hall property at 3300 Wishart Road. The garden will be managed by the Colwood Garden Society — a not-for-profit group of local citizens.


City of Victoria Community Gardens
The City has three different types of community gardens:

  1. Commons Gardens are maintained by community volunteers and can be harvested by all residents.
  2. Allotment Gardens have individual garden plots that are maintained and harvested by individual gardeners.
  3. Community Orchards are groves of fruit or nut trees in a public park. A community group participates in the care, maintenance, and harvesting of the trees, and the harvest is shared with the local community.