Future Garden Plans

Keeping in mind the continued site development and the possibility of the Havenwood Garden relocating in the future, it is interesting to start planning a new garden location and design.new_plan

Situation Analysis
The garden is oriented north south and is 100 x 80 feet (in green). The anticipated phase 4 (in yellow) could overlap the current garden site plus the old gardeners house. The property border is roughly in line with the bottom of the image shown here.
We have one greenhouse measuring 40 x 12 and 22 plots, plus 6 community plots. There are 37 registered gardeners coming from phase one and two plus the neighborhood. It is anticipated that demand for space in the community garden will rise with phase 2  residential units nearing completion.

Future Plans
Construction of Phase 4 may begin in October of 2019, making this the last year of the Community Garden in its current location. One suggested new site just west of Phase 1 has some benefits over our existing location and it is the same size.
As seen here, there is the benefit of a large shade tree in the south east corner of the garden. There are four other smaller trees on the southern border, but they will not prevent southerly sun. Perhaps it is a good mix of sun and shade.


From the south, at around 3pm, we can see the potential site, measuring roughly 100×80, with four old maple trees bordering Havenwood Lane.

From the east, we can see that the shadow cast by the large tree on the proposed site, still allows for enough sun throughout the day.

This photo from Google 3D maps represents the sun/shade at around 3 pm.

October, 25th Update
Developer confirmed the clearing, leveling and fencing of a site roughly 100 x 80 site west of Phase 1. Once ready,  the challenge of moving, plants, tools, composting bins, a tool shed can start.
The developer has offered to cut 6 x 6 cedar lengths suitable for raised beds, which when complete, can be filled with top soil which is already in place.
An update from the developer, to confirm a time line can be expected this coming week.